Dogs4Diabetics 11th Annual Walk for the Dogs
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Thank you so much for taking time to visit us and considering to partner with Dogs4Diabetics to save lives and empower diabetics to live relentlessly awesome lives in safety! We can't do this work without you - we rely on volunteers and donations to provide our life saving pups at no cost to the diabetic (insulin and supplies are expensive enough!). 

I'm passionate about this work because I received my D4D dog, Izumi in 2015, and have never been the same. The list of things I have been able to do because I have Izumi is long and constantly needing to be updated because I have the confidence and safety to live my life and explore new challenges. Because of Izumi, the most rewarding part of my life is mine again - time outside. Not just at the park,but in the backcountry, out of cell reception, and miles away from help. 
Since placement, Izumi has hiked over 300 miles, 44 of which have been in the backcountry wilderness, slept under the stars for 30+ days (cumulatively), and shows no signs of slowing down.  
I'm not even sure how to calculate all of her paddleboarding and swimming adventures! 
None of this would be possible without her, and I'm forever grateful to Dogs4Diabetics for their high standards of training. 

If Izumi does all of this for me, imagine what a dog like her could dog for a child living with Type 1 diabetes, and their parents who are alwasy vigilant to keep their little one safe. What about a teenager getting ready to move out? A college student trying to hold it all together? An adult trying to manage the daily hustle of regular and diabetic life? An older adult managing their insulin dependence? Every diabetic needs a tribe. D4D is the tribe for insulin dependdent diabetics, and we're happy to welcome you in, whether you're a client or supporter because we're all in this together. 

With gratitude and an itch for another adventure,
Brittany and Izumi


  • Jamie (about 9 months ago)

    So proud of you Brit!

  • Mary (about 10 months ago)

    You make an awesome team!

  • Greta (about 10 months ago)

    So proud of all you've accomplished!

  • Eileen (about 11 months ago)

    You go girls. Wish I could join you but will have a brand new pup not old enough to walk with you.

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Event Information
What: Dogs4Diabetics 11th Annual Walk for the Dogs
Where: Heather Farm Park
When: Saturday June 13, 2020 at 09:00 AM

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