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After having been placed with Troy, my second diabetes alert medical assistance  dog, from Dogs4Diabetics one year ago in April, I continue to feel extremely grateful. Grateful not only for once again having the feeling of safety when I am out on my own (with Troy, of course), but also for being a part of the wonderful "family" of friends involved with Dogs4Diabetics. We all work as a Team to help each other on how to best deal with our diabetes, as well as working our darndest  to help make these life-saving dogs available to more insulin-dependent diabetics like us.


Troy is definitely a blessing in my life. Our bond is extremely amazing - he won't let me go about my work again, until my blood glucose has reached a safe level. If that means sitting on me until my sugar rises, then Troy will do that.  He wants me to be safe at all times! Who can ask for anything more, except for us to be able to provide the same for other insulin-dependent diabetics like me?!


Won't you please consider making a donation, no matter the size, to my walk page, so we can continue providing these life-saving dogs to others? Troy and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


  • Kim (about a year ago)


  • Nancy (about a year ago)

    So glad you have Troy in your life!

  • Sara (about a year ago)

    You rock lady!!

  • Anonymous (about a year ago)


  • Paul (about a year ago)


  • Doug (about a year ago)

    ER Match

  • Judith (about a year ago)

    Happy to support you and Troy -- and D4D in general!

  • Cindy (about a year ago)

    Your hairdresser loves how Troy keeps you safe every day!

  • Martha (about a year ago)

    Good luck Kim and Troy!

  • Anonymous (about a year ago)

    We're friends of Sarah & Scotty's. SOOOOO glad ye have these amazing dogs in your lives.

  • Anonymous (about a year ago)

    So glad your new dog is working for you!

  • Anonymous (about a year ago)


  • Mark (about a year ago)

    What a great organization!

  • Dorothy (about a year ago)

    Todd and I are happy to support you and Troy!

  • Cindy (about a year ago)

    Trainer Extraordinaire!! You are outstanding.

  • alice (about a year ago)

    You and Troy are AWESOME!

  • Beth (about a year ago)

    Thank you for doing such good work! We love you Kim!

  • Claudia (about a year ago)

    Good luck, Kim!

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Event Information
What: Dogs4Diabetics 11th Annual Walk for the Dogs
Where: Heather Farm Park
When: Saturday June 13, 2020 at 09:00 AM

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