Dogs4Diabetics 11th Annual Walk for the Dogs
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Gabe has saved my life more times than I can count, by detecting dramatic lows to my blood sugar that I couldn't feel! Because of his help and vigilance, I can focus more on living life than being worried about diabetes.

Please help me to support Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) Annual Walk for the Dogs. D4D’s sole purpose is to support diabetics, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, in order to improve their lives today! They are empowering people with diabetes to live relentlessly awesome lives in safety with the support of their Medical-Alert Assistance Dogs. 

Every donation counts and together we can make a difference for those in need of D4D's life-saving dogs! 


  • Tony (about a year ago)

    Good luck! What a great cause!

  • John (about a year ago)

    Great job tiim crose

  • Frank (about a year ago)


  • Rannu (about a year ago)

    Good luck!

  • Jessica (about a year ago)

    Such a great cause. So happy to support you and Gabe

  • Rich (about a year ago)

    Thank you for doing this important work.

  • Nancy (about a year ago)

    How about another $100? Yes, I want to see sappy photos.

  • Nicole (about a year ago)

    Love Gabe and looking forward to the super sappy giant dog & tiny Kitten videos :-)

  • Anonymous (about a year ago)

    Great cause and I wish you good luck on your walk.

  • John (about a year ago)

    Go Tim!

  • Anonymous (about a year ago)

    Go Tim!

  • JeriAnn (about a year ago)

    Happy to support you and Gabe!

  • Lee (about a year ago)

    Glad Gabe can keep Tim playing basketball!!

  • Diane (about a year ago)

    Love seeing you two together!

  • Richard (about a year ago)

    This is a cause close to our heart. Gabe sounds incredible.

  • David (about a year ago)

    Great cause

  • Amar (about a year ago)

    Glad you and Gabe are able to help each other.

  • Fran (about a year ago)

    Gabe is such an awesome dog!!

  • Z (about a year ago)


  • Jacob (about a year ago)

    Gabe is a very good boy! The world needs more dogs like him!

  • Douglas (about a year ago)

    Gabe is the best! Anything for his pals keeping others safe.

  • Sam (about a year ago)

    Keep on keepin' on!

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Event Information
What: Dogs4Diabetics 11th Annual Walk for the Dogs
Where: Heather Farm Park
When: Saturday June 13, 2020 at 09:00 AM

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